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Wednesday, 15 February 2017
Page: 1073

Senator CASH (Western AustraliaMinister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service, Minister for Employment and Minister for Women) (19:58): Again, you do not like my answer, and I cannot assist you any further if you do not like my answer. I will read for you, though, from the explanatory memorandum in relation to the bill.

Paragraph 11(3)(h) prohibits clauses that limit or have the effect of limiting the right of an employer to make decisions about redundancy, demobilisation or redeployment of employees based on operational requirements. For example, a clause that:

provides for ‘last-on first-off’ practices would be prohibited; or

provides no employee may be made redundant while subcontractors are performing work on site (whether or not work of a type that had been undertaken by employees at the site) would be prohibited; or

requires the approval of a building association or representative of a building association to the demobilisation, redeployment or redundancy of workers would be prohibited.