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Monday, 19 March 2012
Page: 2199

The PRESIDENT (21:59): The question now is that these bills be read a second time.

Senator Bob Brown: Mr President, on the point of order, I refer you to standing order 195. It says that a senator may require the question to be read by the Clerk at any time during a debate. You have ruled that that does not apply if the question has been circulated.

The PRESIDENT: That is a ruling by a former President of the Senate, Senator Calvert, so I am relying on that.

Senator Bob Brown: I would ask you to come back to the Senate with that ruling and an assurance that this has been applied consistently throughout your period as President.

The PRESIDENT: It is a ruling by former President Calvert and, as far as I can reasonably recall, I have consistently applied that ruling. If I am in error on that, I stand to be corrected. The question is that the bills be read a second time.