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Monday, 19 March 2012
Page: 2177

The Senate divided. [21:26]

(The President—Senator Hogg)

DIVISION:AYES 37 (3 majority) NOES 34 PAIRS 2
Bilyk, CLBishop, TM
Brown, CL (teller)Brown, RJ
Cameron, DNCarr, KJ
Collins, JMACrossin, P
Di Natale, REvans, C
Farrell, DFaulkner, J
Feeney, DFurner, ML
Gallacher, AMHanson-Young, SC
Hogg, JJLudlam, S
Ludwig, JWLundy, KA
Marshall, GMMcEwen, A
Milne, CMoore, CM
Polley, HPratt, LC
Rhiannon, LSherry, NJ
Siewert, RSingh, LM
Stephens, USterle, G
Thistlethwaite, MUrquhart, AE
Waters, LJWong, P
Wright, PL
Abetz, EBack, CJ
Bernardi, CBirmingham, SJ
Boswell, RLDBoyce, SK
Brandis, GHBushby, DC
Cash, MCColbeck, R
Cormann, MEdwards, S
Eggleston, AFawcett, DJ
Fierravanti-Wells, CFifield, MP
Fisher, MHumphries, G
Johnston, DJoyce, B
Kroger, H (teller)Macdonald, ID
Madigan, JJMason, B
McKenzie, BNash, F
Parry, SPayne, MA
Ronaldson, MRyan, SM
Scullion, NGSinodinos, A
Williams, JRXenophon, N
Carr, RJHeffernan, W
Conroy, SMAdams,

Question agreed to