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Tuesday, 8 February 2005
Page: 221

Senator Chris Evans asked the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, upon notice, on 18 November 2004:

(1)   How much funding has the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust received from the Commonwealth Government in each financial year since its establishment.

(2)   Does this include the initial funding of $96 million that the Trust received as part of the Federation Fund.

(3)   Can a breakdown be provided of how this funding has been spent for each financial year since the Trust was established.

(4)   Can a breakdown be provided of how the $96 million allocated to the Trust as part of the Federation Fund was spent.

(5)   Can a breakdown be provided of every payment greater than $1 million made by the Trust since its establishment.

(6) (a)   When is it expected that the work of the Trust will be completed; and (b) will the Trust be closed down once its work is completed.

(7)   What are the forecasts for Commonwealth funding to the Trust for the next 4 financial years.

(8)   Has the New South Wales Government made any financial contributions to the Trust at any time since its establishment; if so, can a list be provided of these contributions (i.e. date, amount, purpose etc.).

(9)   Is it expected that the New South Wales Government will make any financial contributions to the Trust at any time over the next 4 years.

(10)   When the remediation work being undertaken at the ex-Defence sites managed by the Trust is fully completed, and the lands are transferred to the State of New South Wales, will the New South Wales Government have to pay any money to the Commonwealth in respect of the transfer; if not, why not.

Senator Ian Campbell (Minister for the Environment and Heritage) —The answer to the honourable senator’s question is as follows:

(1)   The Interim Trust and the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust (the Trust) received the following amounts in each financial year.

1999-2000 - $770,000 loan

2000-2001 - $4,000,000 received from the Federation Fund;

2001-2002 - $12,400,000 received from the Federation Fund;

2002-2003 - $10,500,000 appropriation received.

(2)   The Trust received $16.4 million from the Federation Fund.

(3)   The breakdown of Sydney Harbour Federation Trust expenditure is as follows:




Planning and Community Consultation

$ 1,341,000



Communications and Public Information

$ 397,000



Conservation, Public Safety and Maintenance








The $770,000 provided on a loan basis to the Interim Trust in 1999-2000 was used primarily for salaries and general administration costs to set up the Interim Trust. The figures for 2001-2002 do not reflect some items for the Interim Trust, which are included in the overall accounts of the Department of the Environment and Heritage and are not readily separable.

(4)   Of the initial $96 million from the Federation Fund, $50 million was allocated to the Department of Defence to meet costs of relocation from the sites and removal of buildings not required by the Trust; $6 million was provided to the Department of Defence to establish public access to parts of Garden Island naval base; and $40 million was allocated to support the clean-up of contaminated areas of Cockatoo Island. The Trust received $12 million of the $40 million allocation. The remainder of the allocation lapsed because it was necessary to finalise the Trust’s Plan and its proposed uses prior to completion of remediation works. In addition the Trust also received $4.4 million from the Federation Fund originally set aside for the Belgenny Farm Wool Centre Project.

(5)   No individual payments of greater than $1 million have been made.

(6) (a)   The Trust’s plan for the sites assumes a seven-year programme to complete all of the required works, finishing in 2010.

(b)   The Trust’s current expectations are that it will close down following completion of the works and the transfer of the sites to the NSW Government. The Sydney Harbour Federation Act 2001 provides for the Trust to be discontinued following completion of the works. I, as Minister for the Environment and Heritage, must specify the day on which the Trust Act is repealed “as soon as practicable after the end of 10 years from the commencement of the Act” which will be in 2011.

(7)   2003-04 - $16.0m

2004-05 - $22.5m

2005-06 - $24.5m

2006-07 - $23.5m

(8)   No.

(9)   No.

(10)   The details of the transfer are yet to be negotiated with New South Wales. It is too early to tell what, if any, money will be involved.