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Monday, 9 August 2004
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Senator LEES (10:00 PM) —I rise tonight to respond to some material that was tabled on 10 February 2004 by Senator Carr. On that day he tabled a report from an external independent inquiry which investigated allegations of scientific misconduct made against Professor Bruce Hall of the University of New South Wales. Since that report was tabled in the Senate, Professor Hall has been looking for a right of reply. He is aggrieved by the tabling and the fact that the Senate has heard only one side of this dispute. I believe that he does have a right of reply. The document that has been tabled accuses Professor Hall of misconduct. I would like to table Professor Hall's report entitled Response to the external independent inquiry. As Senator Carr pointed out when he tabled the original material, this is a messy affair and there are many sides to the story. It has, I believe, been dealt with badly by the university—and there are a number of casualties. I personally would like to see this issue resolved. I want to see this important immunological research continue. I believe that by tabling Professor Hall's response we are taking another step along the road to, hopefully, seeing what are very complex and difficult issues resolved. I seek leave to table this report.

Leave granted.

Senate adjourned at 10.02 p.m.