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Wednesday, 11 December 2002
Page: 7792

Senator GREIG (6:51 PM) —Mr Temporary Chairman, I will not move Democrat amendment (7) on the basis that we have now determined the outcome of that, given that the same issue is contained within Democrat amendment (1) on sheet 2789, which we have previously dealt with. I will now proceed with Democrat amendment (3) only. Therefore, I move Democrat amendment (3) on sheet 2779 revised:

(3) Schedule 1 item 24, page 14 (line 8), at the end of subsection (1), add:

; (i) the person's right on request to an interpreter.

This amendment is about advising a person of their right to request an interpreter. It seeks to ensure that any person detained for questioning under the act is specifically told of their right to an interpreter as soon as they are brought before the prescribed authority. In order to exercise the right to an interpreter, it is important that a person is aware of that right. The same principle contained within this amendment was in the amendment the committee agreed to earlier when we dealt with the principle supported by the committee that people be advised of their legal rights the moment they are brought before a prescribed authority. This simply extends the same principle to ensure that they are advised of their right to an interpreter the moment they are brought before a prescribed authority. I think the amendment speaks for itself. It follows on, as I say, from the same principle that the committee has endorsed earlier. I ask for the committee's support for this amendment.