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Tuesday, 10 December 2002
Page: 7643

The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

Civil Aviation Act—Civil Aviation Regulations—Exemptions Nos CASA EX35/2002 and CASA EX45/2002.

Class Ruling—

Addendum—CR 2002/55, CR 2002/78 and CR 2002/81.

CR 2002/84 and CR 2002/85.

Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act—Notice under paragraphs 45(1)(b) and (f)—Disposal of shares and cessation of membership in National Rail Corporation Limited.

Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities Act—Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities Regulations—Certificates under regulation 5A, dated 28 November 2002 [2].

Fuel Grant and Rebate Ruling FGRR 2002/1.

Lands Acquisition Act—Statements describing property acquired by agreement under sections 40 and 125 of the Act for specified public purposes [2].

Product Rulings PR 2002/137-PR 2002/140.

Taxation Determination TD 2002/26.

Telecommunications Act—Carrier Licence Conditions (Telstra Corporation Limited) Declaration 1997 (Amendment No. 4 of 2002).