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Wednesday, 4 December 2002
Page: 7198

Senator HARRADINE (6:43 PM) —I move amendment (13) on sheet 2696:

(13) Page 19 (after line 3), after clause 27, insert:

27A Custody of excess ART embryos following suspension, revocation or surrender of licence

Where a licence authorising use of excess ART embryos is suspended, revoked or surrendered, all excess ART embryos in the custody of the licence holder must be returned to the ART practitioner from whom they were obtained within 7 days of the suspension, revocation or surrendering of the licence.

That is self-explanatory. What happens to the embryos if the licence holder just gives up the licence, for example? Where do they end up? Can we have a quick response from the minister? This is a very important area. Where do they end up? If you follow COAG, you are talking about knowing where the embryos end up.