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Wednesday, 4 December 2002
Page: 7172

The CHAIRMAN —Order! It being past 5 p.m., the time allotted for the consideration of amendments to part 1 and divisions 1, 2 and 3 of part 2—that is, clauses 1 to 19—has expired. I will put the questions for the remaining amendments.

Senator Murphy —Given that we did not start on this block of amendments at 4 o'clock, as was stated—

The CHAIRMAN —The resolution of the Senate today was that at 5 p.m., when the time allotted for the consideration of the amendments in the parts that I have just read had expired, the Senate would move to the questions that were not resolved at that time. The outstanding amendments to be considered are amendments (1) and (2) on sheet 2763 revised, standing in the name of Senator Murphy, and amendment (13) on sheet 2751 revised (2), standing in the name of Senator Harradine.

Senator Murphy —With respect, the resolution also said that at 4 o'clock we would start on amendments moved by Senator Barnett, followed by amendments moved by Senators Boswell, Murphy and Harradine, which we did not do. As I understand it, it is within the power of the Senate, if it so decides, to seek to deal with amendments not dealt with in the allotted time of the resolution of the Senate. I seek leave to have amendments (1) and (2) on sheet 2763 revised to be considered at a later time, together with opposition amendment (R8) on sheet 2693 revised, standing in the name of Senator Collins.

The CHAIRMAN —I understand the point you are now making, Senator Murphy. That is a reasonable point.

Senator Chris Evans —While I am not seeking in any way to interfere with the effect of the guillotine resolution, I had indicated to Senator Murphy that there was some sense in his debate being held jointly with that of Senator Collins, because it goes to the same issue. I would have no objection to us doing that in the next section in the debate about patents, which is what he is seeking leave to do. I think Senator Harradine was also going to seek leave to speak for—

Senator Harradine —Five seconds.

Senator Chris Evans —five seconds or one minute, depending on which version you have, and we are prepared to allow that, as well, if he seeks leave. Certainly, in Senator Murphy's case, the debate will occur around the issue of patents in the next section and it did not seem to do us any harm to defer his amendment until then and have the debate once. I think there was general goodwill around the chamber for that to occur. As I understand it, Senator Harradine has the numbers for his motion, so we are prepared to let him speak briefly to that.

Leave granted.

The CHAIRMAN —That leaves one further amendment to be considered. The question is that Senator Harradine's amendment (13) on sheet 2751 revised (2) be agreed to.

The amendment read as follows—

(13) Clause 1, page 1 (line 16), after “Involving”, insert “Human”.

Question agreed to.

The CHAIRMAN —We now move to amendments to division 4 of part 2—that is, clauses 20 to 28. I draw senators' attention to the fact that there is now a revised running sheet 9.