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Wednesday, 4 December 2002
Page: 7173

Senator HARRADINE (4:10 PM) —In response to Senator Campbell's comments, all I have to say is that, by the time that that information is provided, the horse will have bolted. All the decisions will have been made. The public will not even have an opportunity to offer their views as to the relevance, or otherwise, of the application. It has been said that all of the matter had been through the human research ethics committee of the institution. I dealt with that last night. The whole point about it is that, if you are a drug company and you want to use human embryos to test drugs and so forth, you send it to your ethics committee appointed by the institution, which has been appointed by the drug company. That ethics committee is not going to be terribly much of a barrier, as it has been appointed by the applicant. As I said, the horse will have bolted by the time this information is provided. I am seeking to give the people an opportunity to have their say. If it is to go to the NHMRC Licensing Committee and to be decided by that, so be it. I would rather it were done in a different way, but that is the structure of this legislation.

Question negatived.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —We move now back to page 5, and I call Senator Barnett to move his amendments.