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Tuesday, 3 December 2002
Page: 7071

Senator HARRIS (10:53 PM) —I have a question for the minister. Minister, clause 24(1)(c), the section that you basically just read out, says:

... the licence holder must have reported in writing to the NHMRC Licensing Committee that the embryo was created before 5 April 2002.

Can you give a categorical assurance to this chamber that, at this point in time, in the records of the NHMRC there are documents that show that the embryos were produced prior to 5 April 2002, and that those documents were provided to the NHMRC prior to 5 April 2002? I am specifically asking: is there a list held by the NHMRC of embryos that exist, and was that list in existence before 5 April? Or can the NHMRC merely say to the minister, `Here's a sheet of paper that says these were created before 5 April'?

Question negatived.