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Tuesday, 3 December 2002
Page: 7033

Senator PATTERSON (Minister for Health and Ageing) (5:48 PM) — This will be my last contribution on this amendment because I feel that we have discussed this for long enough. We have a licensing committee which will be involved. We will have much clearer disclosure about the sort of research that is being undertaken. I think, Senator Murphy, that there are sufficient safeguards. I have a very strong interest in biological research and in the need to make it transparent and clear within a certain framework, in the sense of people not being able to be gazumped by another research group—and that is always one of the difficulties—but I believe that there are sufficient safeguards. I do not think that I will be able to contribute much more to this debate. I have indicated a number of reasons why I will not be supporting the amendment, and I think that it would be appropriate if the question on the amendment were to be put. We need to move on because we are going to be here for another three weeks if we continue in this vein. I have no more to add. I will not be supporting the amendment.