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Monday, 2 December 2002
Page: 6895

Senator BROWN (9:08 PM) —I rise to support the amendment. We do not have an international agreement in this area, and this legislation is not reflecting an international code of ethics or conduct for experimentation with embryos or human embryonic cells. Without that, there is no safeguard that can be applied to the export of these entities to another country. They can export them on, which could have them put to a different use. We are hearing from the government assurances that within this country there will be quite clear policing and overseeing of the use of embryos and embryonic material for experimental purposes. We are not having—and we cannot have— any such safeguards applying to exported material. We know that exported materials from Australia are simply not going to have those safeguards in place. That, to me, is the case. If we had another country which had mirror legislation to this then a dual arrangement could be arrived at, but we do not. Until we do, I will support this amendment.