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Monday, 2 December 2002
Page: 6876

Senator HOGG (6:01 PM) —On the same issue, Minister, Senator Collins has suggested that there may be a proviso that is included to state, `Provided that this does not apply in the case where a genetic disorder is being looked at.' That would make it quite clear. As I have said, I am prepared to leave this and come back to it if the government are prepared to go away and look at that reasonably. I think that is a reasonable suggestion to put to the government in this debate. It covers off from the concern that has been raised. It specifically excludes the issue of gender selection, except in cases where it is clearly demonstrable that it applies to a concern where there is a genetic disorder. I think that is reasonable. If you look at the number of amendments that I have put up, you will see that I am not putting up a whole host of amendments just plucked out of the air willy-nilly. I am trying to put forward some amendments that I believe will make for better legislation when the bill finally passes through this chamber. If that is worthy of consideration and if we need to defer this for a few moments, I am prepared to do that.