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Monday, 2 December 2002
Page: 6876

Senator JACINTA COLLINS (6:00 PM) —Minister, I need to express my frustration at the statement, `I am advised that this would be the effect,' because, like Senator Brown, I do not really understand how that would be the effect. This amendment deals specifically with embryos that would be regarded as excess, not embryos that are selected for the treatment of a genetic disorder. The other aspect of the argument raised earlier eludes me also; namely, that this area covers areas of state regulation. With respect, the whole bill does. I have seen this used as an argument against some other quite legitimate concerns in some of the advice that has been put forward. It is a furphy. To the extent that there may be a concern that an unintended consequence of this amendment might relate to gender selection in relation to a genetic disorder, I would like to see how we could deal with that. I do not think that we need to throw the baby out with bathwater, so to speak.