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Monday, 2 December 2002
Page: 6875

Senator BROWN (5:54 PM) —Senators will know that I am making a late entry into this debate because I was indisposed earlier. Senator Hogg's amendments are pretty clear to me, and I think I must be missing something here. The minister or Senator Stott Despoja or an opponent of these amendments might be able to explain it to me.

The definition of `excess ART embryo' on page 10 of the legislation says that such an embryo is in `excess to the needs' of the woman for whom it was created. The argument that I have heard here is that the woman for whom it was created might want to select an embryo of a certain sex to avoid a genetic disease or disorder. But we are not talking here about her selection for reproduction; we are talking about the embryos which are excess to that. I heard Senator Hogg say that where you have excess embryos they must not be sexually identified and selected for whatever purposes the excess embryo is going to be put to. I agree with that. It is perfectly clear that we are talking about excess embryos here and about not allowing gender selection of those excess embryos for the purposes of experimentation or whatever it might be. If I am not clear on that—and it seems pretty clear to me—I would like to know why. Because I came in late in the debate, I may have missed the point.