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Monday, 2 December 2002
Page: 6874

Senator HARRADINE (5:50 PM) —This is a very important area and, without going near the question of the clinical practice—which is another matter of concern—but dealing with what is in front of us, we have a proposition whereby the amendments seek to take out sex selection when it comes to defining an excess ART embryo. My goodness, if we cannot do that, we are really going down the slippery slope. To say that it is for the states to regulate this, we are opening the way for it here in this legislation. This legislation is going to go to the state parliaments for their consideration and endorsement, and they can either endorse it or otherwise. But I bet that most of the state parliaments will certainly not agree to a situation where sex selection comes into the equation as to whether or not there are excess ART embryos. I really am astounded.