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Monday, 2 December 2002
Page: 6872

Senator HOGG (5:33 PM) —That is correct, Minister. The way in which it is described there is fairly bland. That is basically why I am seeking the deletion of that particular paragraph. It is inconclusive as far as I am concerned, and it is just an open door which people can exploit further down the track. Senator Stott Despoja, in her statement on this particular amendment that I have put forward, said it was not meant to be a backdoor use or opportunity. I think people will accept that but one needs some assurances because as it currently stands there is no assurance there whatsoever. Given that we are looking at a `strict regulatory regime'—and those are the words used in the COAG agreement—one would hope that we are going to have that type of language used in the legislation that this chamber passes.