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Monday, 2 December 2002
Page: 6814

Senator CHRIS EVANS (12:54 PM) —On behalf of the formal Labor position, I indicate that we will be opposing the amendment for the same reasons as outlined by Senator Patterson and Senator Stott Despoja. I want to remind the chamber and anyone listening that in putting the official—

Senator Patterson —There is no-one listening.

Senator CHRIS EVANS —I am always surprised about how many people actually do listen.

Senator Patterson —We are not on air. They can read it.

Senator CHRIS EVANS —I know. They read and follow the debates very closely, as I found out when I was doing my shopping on Saturday morning, when someone bailed me up!

Senator Patterson —You're a SNAG, are you?

Senator CHRIS EVANS —I was shopping for my seven-year-old's birthday party that afternoon. I was after Chupa Chups and whipping cream. Let's get back to the subject—

Senator Patterson —And fairy bread?

Senator CHRIS EVANS —Yes, fairy bread—which was for me, not for the seven-year-olds! Returning to more serious matters, the Labor Party has a position in this debate where we will put a view on most amendments on behalf of the Australian Labor Party, but all Australian Labor Party senators will be allowed to exercise a conscience vote. I want to make that clear. But the formal position of the Labor Party is to oppose this amendment.