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Friday, 15 November 2002
Page: 6531

Senator LUDWIG (2:18 PM) —I do not know whether I agree—

Senator Abetz —It is up to you; it is your amendment.

Senator LUDWIG —Yes, I know. I was just indicating—

Senator Abetz —And we will vote against it.

Senator LUDWIG —Yes, I know that you will vote against it in any event. We would hope that, unlike you, the Senate will have a different view and decide to accede to the request. On examination of section 237, it does have an application of general provision, but when you go to 237A, which deals with the trustee of a deed of arrangement, from my reading of it that would sit better there. I am not persuaded that it would sit better in section 237. In that instance, I will maintain the provision. I thought at first that Senator Abetz was pointing out a typographical error, so I will not take his assistance, although I do thank him for it. It comes down to a fine line as to where the provision might rightly sit. We will stay with 237A(3) as the place where the provision should be put, as it fits better with the preceding two paragraphs. I understand the way these acts grow and change and how people focus on the headings, but people should read the provisions as well.