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Wednesday, 13 November 2002
Page: 6300

Senator STOTT DESPOJA (9:44 PM) —You asked for comment on the process, Madam Temporary Chairman, so I rise on behalf of the Democrats. Senator Evans was confirming that there was an agreement among the parties. I thought it might be appropriate for us to make clear that we are happy to agree to that process— that is, that we deal with this legislation, hopefully, presumably, by lunchtime tomorrow at the latest. I am happy to commit the Democrats to that process and to doing all we can to facilitate that. The process you have outlined for tonight, Madam Temporary Chairman, is thoroughly acceptable to us.

I am happy to indicate, before you jump to your feet, Senator Murphy, that the Democrats will be supporting the amendment. I think it is a worthy one. I believe the review should be tabled in the parliament, and I am disappointed that we did not get that undertaking, because that would have satisfied the Democrats and me. I do have one question, however, in terms of the process for this evening. If we should wrap up this legislation before the allotted time of 11 o'clock, I understand there is no running sheet for the next bill.

Senator Hogg —Yes, there is.

Senator STOTT DESPOJA —So we are in a position to move on to the next piece of legislation if we get that far.