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Wednesday, 13 November 2002
Page: 6299

Senator CHRIS EVANS (9:43 PM) —Could I just reiterate for the record, on behalf of the Labor Party, that it is our understanding that every attempt will be made to bring that matter back before the chamber in the morning and be dealt with before lunchtime tomorrow. That is our intention. We are under a lot of pressure from the government to get on with the legislative agenda, and that is part of our contribution to that cause.

Senator Patterson —It should be well before lunchtime.

Senator CHRIS EVANS —I am saying that there is a general understanding among the parties that the debate will not go beyond lunchtime because of the unusual arrangements about conscience votes and lack of pairs. If we are to get to the conclusion of this bill before moving into the next fortnight's sittings, it has to be by lunchtime tomorrow. There is absolutely no prospect of getting both bills finished by lunchtime tomorrow, so we should at least aim for finishing one.