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Wednesday, 13 November 2002
Page: 6295

Senator HARRADINE (9:14 PM) —I am sorry that I misheard what Senator Stott Despoja said before. Clearly, it is essential that this not be a private review. Whether or not there is going to be a Senate inquiry or a joint House-Senate inquiry is not the point: the action will be here in this review and problems will occur because it is not public. Furthermore, it is so restrictive as to who can be brought into discussions on the review. It will all be done in secret, in private. That is not the way to operate on a major question of public policy. I am very disappointed that Senator Stott Despoja does not support this motion to ensure that this inquiry or review is undertaken in a public manner. The more accountability and the more transparent the actions of executive government, the better. It is absolutely essential that this be undertaken in the eye of the public—that is why I have moved the amendment. I have withdrawn the other amendment because it obviously will not get the support of the government. So be it. There will be a time of accounting later on to see just who is right and to see whether or not what I have foreshadowed takes place.