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Wednesday, 13 November 2002
Page: 6178

Senator ABETZ (Special Minister of State) (9:57 AM) —But the states have not legislated as yet, as I understand it. If our legislation does not have the word `intentional' in it, it will therefore be very easy for them to pass legislation mirroring ours without the word `intentional' in it. I find these arguments that are being put forward quite amazing. We have also heard that the states do not have criminal codes. I am not sure what is meant by that, because I know my home state of Tasmania does and I understand that Queensland does—the Griffith code—et cetera. But coming back to the point, can we have it clarified that none of the states have as yet legislated to mirror this legislation and, if so, the argument cannot be run that we have to have wording that mirrors the state legislation, as that state legislation is not in place.