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Wednesday, 13 November 2002
Page: 6173

Senator ABETZ (Special Minister of State) (9:32 AM) —I have already spoken but I seek to draw the attention of the committee to the running sheet. My clause 22 amendment has been described as a strict liability offence. In fact that amendment deals with possession, not strict liability. When honourable senators move to vote at a later stage, it would be misleading for them to think they are voting on strict liability when in fact they would be voting on possession. Without putting too fine a point on it, discussions last night suggested to me that my amendments on strict liability would not necessarily get the numbers, but I understand there is some degree of sympathy for the issue of possession. So I think it is important at this early stage to point that out.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Sandy Macdonald)—Thank you, Senator Abetz. I am sure the committee will note that.

Senator ABETZ —Rather than just noting it, I would like a new schedule to be circulated with that amendment on it. We have only a dozen or so senators in the chamber at the moment; if the staff could assist in that regard I would be much obliged.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN — Senator Abetz, I understand a new running sheet will be prepared.