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Tuesday, 12 November 2002
Page: 6151

Senator PATTERSON (Minister for Health and Ageing) (10:03 PM) — Senator Boswell will appreciate that I am not actually on top of every aspect of every part of the customs regulations, but I believe that people can take their own embryos out of the country now for their own purposes. They may go overseas to have the implantation done overseas or they may donate embryos to someone overseas. The Prime Minister indicated this evening when I was talking to him that he would bring in an amendment to the Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulations 1958 to prevent the export of embryos, enabling a discussion to take place about this issue in parliament, and that would be the more appropriate place.

With regard to products from human embryo clones and products from human embryos, I have actually gone through that in quite some detail and I would refer you to the Hansard, because I do not think we can really reiterate that over and over as people come into and go out of the chamber. With all due respect, I have dealt with that, and people will have to make their decision on Senator Harradine's amendments on the basis of the discussion that has taken place in the chamber.