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Tuesday, 12 November 2002
Page: 6151

Senator BOSWELL (Leader of the National Party of Australia in the Senate and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Transport and Regional Services) (10:01 PM) —I would like some information from the minister. Could she could inform me whether she said in her statement that the export and import of embryos will be banned or she meant that the export and import of embryo products will be banned. I was under the impression that we could never send embryos out of Australia. I thought we could always send stem cells out of Australia but I believed that the export of embryos was banned before now. Maybe she could enlighten me on that. I was certainly under the impression that embryos were not allowed to go out of Australia. I was very concerned about even allowing stem cells to go out of Australia. I welcome the Prime Minister's decision to stop the export and import of embryos but I cannot see what it achieves unless we stop the export and import of stem cells or products of or derivatives of embryos. I would appreciate her informing me if this should read `embryos and derivatives from embryos'. I know that we are on the cloning bill but perhaps the minister would inform me what her statement meant. Was it embryos and derivatives or was it just embryos?