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Tuesday, 12 November 2002
Page: 6149

Senator HARRADINE (9:41 PM) —That worries me even more, frankly. It is more important that we do what I proposed, particularly in respect of the importation of human embryo clones and of products or components derived from human embryo clones. In opposition to that, the first thing the minister said, as she was advised, was, `This is unnecessary because it is an offence in Australia to create a clone and, if this bill is going to include a prohibition of products derived from cloned embryos from export, you do not need to ban them when it comes to transportation or other things.' Minister, it is already there in your legislation at clause 11(2):

A person commits an offence if the person intentionally exports a human embryo clone from Australia.

All I am doing, in answer to your argument, is adding the words `or products or components derived from a human embryo clone'. Your first argument against the amendment falls to the ground, because it is just building upon what is already in the legislation.

What you said about importation worries me, because what you are really proposing is to allow the importation of products from a cloned embryo from overseas. I hope I am not mishearing what the minister said but I thought she said, `If we did that, we would not allow the importation of products from human embryo clones.' So with this bill we put a ban here in Australia on the production of human embryo clones and the minister says, `That's okay. We'll allow not the human embryo clone but the products derived from the human embryo clone, like stem cells, to come in.' I think the people of Australia would be disgusted with that and I am even more committed to the amendments that I moved. I just say to you, Mr Temporary Chairman, and to honourable senators that I did not move amendment (2) in relation to the definition of `human embryonic stem cell'. I moved amendments (3) and (4).