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Thursday, 24 October 2002
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Senator Knowles to move on the next day of sitting:

That the time for the presentation of the report of the Community Affairs Legislation Committee on the provisions of the Family and Community Services Legislation Amendment (Special Benefit Activity Test) Bill 2002 be extended to 2 December 2002.

Senator Hutchins to move on the next day of sitting:

That the Senate—

(a) notes on this Remembrance Day that 2002 is the centenary year of the conclusion of the Anglo-Boer War, which lasted from 1899 to 1902;

(b) remembers:

(i) the 16 000 Australians who served in the Anglo-Boer War as soldiers of the colonies of Australia and, after 1901, as soldiers of the newly federated Commonwealth of Australia, as well as the 8 000-odd Australians who served with irregular South African units like Thorneycroft's and Bethune's Mounted Infantry,

(ii) the 518 young Australians who lost their lives serving their country during the war, and

(iii) the 28 000 Boer women and children who died in British concentration camps;

(c) notes that the Anglo-Boer War was the first war:

(i) that the Australian Army participated in as a unitary force, fighting under the badge of the Rising Sun, and

(ii) in which Australian nurses and doctors served as members of the Australian Army Medical Corps; and

(d) recognises the importance of the Anglo-Boer War in the development of Australian culture, nationhood and the legend of the ANZAC.

Senator Bartlett to move on the next day of sitting:

That there be laid on the table, no later than 4 pm on 19 November 2002:

(a) all documents relating to the acquisition of the north-east margin search and rescue (SAR) data, including but not limited to the authorisation for acquisition, and any related internal correspondence;

(b) briefing documents or briefing notes relating to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority interest in SAR data, as referenced in Dr Trevor Powell's letter to the authority, dated 18 September 2002;

(c) covering letter accompanying the Shell/Woodside Consortium proposal, May 2000;

(d) all materials distributed at the Bali 2000 conference attended by Geoscience Australia;

(e) outputs leading to the outcome listed in the 2001-02 workplan under section 2, Geoscience for Oceans and Coasts, subsections 2.9, Petroleum and Regional Geology and 2.11 Eastern Region, as `A geological overview of the east coast basins in order that decisions can be made regarding petroleum exploration opportunities and acreage release; and

(f) all documents and materials relating to the outcome and outputs described above, including preliminary discussions for the outcome and outputs, discussions, memorandums, budget materials, notes of phone conservations and e-mails.

Senator Bartlett to move on the next day of sitting:

That there be laid on the table, no later than 2 pm on 19 November 2002:

(a) all documents from 2002 relating to any approaches made by Sudaw Developments Ltd (or its agents) to the Government seeking funding or other support for the Nathan Dam on the Fitzory River in Queensland;

(b) any documents or comments provided to Environment Australia in response to the referral, Ref. No. 2002/770—Sudaw Developments Ltd—Water management and use—Dawson River—QLD— Nathan Dam, central Queensland;

(c) any report or document prepared by Environment Australia in response to referral 2002/770; and

(d) the report, Literature review and scoping study of the potential downstream impacts of the proposed Nathan Dam on the Dawson River, Fitzroy River and offshore environments, prepared by the Australian Centre for Tropical Freshwater Research.

Senator Bartlett to move on the next day of sitting:

That there be laid on the table, no later than 2 pm on 18 November 2002, the October 2002 report of the Independent Reference Group on the options for improving the welfare record of Australia's live animal export trade.

Senator TCHEN (Victoria) (9.30 a.m.)— I give notice that, 15 sitting days after today, I shall move:

That the Public Service Amendment Regulations 2002 (No. 1), as contained in Statutory Rules 2002 No. 214 and made under the Public Service Act 1999, be disallowed.

I seek leave to incorporate in Hansard a short summary of the committee's concerns with these regulations.

Leave granted.

The document read as follows—

Public Service Amendment Regulations 2002 (No.1),Statutory Rules 2002 No. 214

These amendments specify the procedure to be followed in relation to the attachment of salaries of a Secretary, the Head of an Executive Agency, or an APS employee, to satisfy a judgement debt. Under subregulation 8A.1(1) a `debtor' can include a Head of an Executive Agency. As part of the procedure for attachment, subregulation 8A.4(1) provides that an Agency Head may appoint a paying officer for the purposes of makingdeductions from a debtor's salary. This regulation does not provide for the situation where the Agency Head is the debtor. The Committee sought advice about the procedures that are to be followed where an Agency Head is in the position of considering whether deductions should be made in relation to his or her own debt. The Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, the Hon Tony Abbott MP, advised that `an Agency Head can delegate to a person any of the Agency Head's powers or functions' and that `if the circumstance arose, then for reasons of probity, the Agency Head should delegate to another person any decision in respect of their own judgment debt.' The Committee has written to the Minister seeking further advice as to whether the regulations should specifically address this issue.

Senator Brown to move on the next day of sitting:

(1) That so much of standing orders be suspended as would prevent this resolution having effect.

(2) That the following bills be restored to the Notice Paper and that consideration of each of the bills be resumed at the stage reached in the last session of the Parliament:

Constitution Alteration (Right to Stand for Parliament—Qualification of Members and Candidates) 1998 (No. 2)

Convention on Climate Change (Implementation) Bill 1999

Customs Amendment (Anti-Radioactive Waste Storage Dump) Bill 1999.

The PRESIDENT —Pursuant to order, the Senate is now adjourned to enable honourable senators to attend a memorial service for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Bali.

Senate adjourned at 9.32 a.m.