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Wednesday, 23 October 2002
Page: 5680

Senator ABETZ (Special Minister of State) (11:16 AM) —Mr Temporary Chairman, I can see that Senator Carr has been caught out—he has been embarrassed and he is now trying to whip up something around this assertion. Clearly, he does not have the act in front of him, so when I refer him to a particular section it will be of no assistance to him; I will have to waste the time of the committee by reading out a section of the act. I would have thought that if somebody wanted to come into this place to make a solid and sensible contribution they would have at least clothed themselves with some knowledge of the act and have the act in front of them so that when we engage in this committee debate they are able to follow it. For Senator Carr's benefit, section 9(2) refers to the secretary registering the provider, but section 9(2)(ca) then states:

(ca) except in the case of a provider mentioned in subsection (5)—the designated authority has told the Secretary in writing that the provider has satisfied the designated authority and that the provider is fit and proper to be registered ...

As I understand it, the designated authority is—guess what, Senator Carr?—the state government authority.