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Thursday, 17 October 2002
Page: 5432

Senator STOTT DESPOJA (5:22 PM) —Why do you ask me that question when `teratogenic' is in there? Here was I thinking, `What if Senator Abetz asks about that?' He has already demonstrated his capacity for mirth in this chamber with at least one of his staff. I just thought that surely that would be the one. I take your point but clearly the fine minds of the rocket scientists at NASA have come up with a definition to emphasise the adverse and the acute. We figure that if it is good enough for them it might be an appropriate world's best practice definition.

I thank the minister for outlining the government's opposition. While I may not agree with it, I hope that the minister will at least acknowledge that I am not re-running a debate about whether or not you put fissionable materials into space. I recognise the views on that one and I am fully aware of the provisions in the act, but this was an attempt to add to them. That was the hope of the Australian Democrats—and you are so right to acknowledge that we are battling this on our own. Once again I am not going to ask that we divide, but I do want to record that the Democrats are the sole supporters of this amendment and I want to give the opposition an opportunity to outline their exact concerns with revised amendment (6).