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Tuesday, 15 October 2002
Page: 5171

Senator KEMP (Minister for the Arts and Sport) (5:22 PM) —I can see why you are such a loved character in Victoria, Senator Carr. I can see why the affection for your colleagues is quite boundless.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Bolkus)—Senator Kemp, can we get away from the Lonely Hearts Club and get back to the bill, please.

Senator KEMP —Of course, Mr Temporary Chairman. I am always happy to get back to the bill. I thought I might make a few reflections on Senator Carr, as he was making a few reflections on other senators. I know that you are renowned for being an even-handed chair and that you would expect me to defend my colleagues.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN — Senator Kemp, come back to the bill.

Senator KEMP —The 5.6 per cent increase in Commonwealth funding, as I said—and Senator Stott Despoja might like to listen this time—includes recurrent, general, specific and capital grants.

Senator Carr —Oh, really!

Senator KEMP —That is what I said.

Senator Carr —That is not capital at all. You have misled the Senate again.

Senator KEMP —That is what I said. I think you will find, Senator, when you look at what I said in Hansard that I was exactly right. I hope that your advisers—who seem to be enjoying this immensely—are providing you with appropriate statistics.

Senator Carr —But your numbers—

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN — Senator Kemp, can I suggest that you are not provoked by Senator Carr and that you do return to the bill, please.

Senator KEMP —Mr Temporary Chairman, if I am being provoked by Senator Carr, you might like to ask Senator Carr to stop being provocative.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —I will keep on doing that.

Senator KEMP —In the last federal budget, government school funding was increased by 5.6 per cent compared with the average increase of 2.7 per cent on the part of the states. I was intrigued by the comment that this is a slur on Liberal governments. I thought we had a Labor government in Victoria, under Mr Bracks—your government, Senator. I thought we had a Labor government in New South Wales. I thought we had a Labor government in Queensland. Senator, I am not sure that you have been particularly well advised on this issue. You should look at your words recorded in Hansard and make sure they are corrected, because I think you may have been misleading the chamber. So that is the answer to your question. It was a specific question. I have answered it twice, and now I suggest we proceed.