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Friday, 10 November 2000
Page: 19732

Senator ABETZ (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence) (3:43 PM) —In starting the summation of this debate, I thank honourable senators for their contributions. For the record, I will go through these matters in some detail on the next occasion that we meet. The emotive speeches from the other side sound very hollow when you remember that the Vietnam War ended in 1972, and the Labor Party were in government for some 13 years. They had the capacity to address these matters but they did not do so. We were the ones to initiate the inquiry, as a result of which Vietnam veterans are now going to get a boost of $32 million. I am delighted that I can make this short contribution to set the record straight. I conclude my remarks on this occasion by simply noting that Remembrance Day is tomorrow. I am sure that honourable senators from all sides wish our veterans well. I seek leave to continue my remarks later.

Leave granted; debate adjourned.