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Tuesday, 14 August 2012
Page: 5282

Immigration and Citizenship

(Question Nos 1743 and 1783)

Senator Abetz asked the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, upon notice, on 22 March 2012:

(1) Can a list be provided of all office locations for each department or agency within the Minister's portfolio, detailing:

(a) the department or agency;

(b) the location;

(c) the size;

(d) the number of staff at each location and their classification;

(e) if the office location is rented, the amount and breakdown of rent paid per square metre;

(f) if the location is owned by the department or agency, the:

(i) value, and

(ii) depreciation, of the building; and

(g) the type of functions and work undertaken.

(2) For each department and agency within the Minister's portfolio, can details be provided of all public relations, communications and media staff, listed by department or agency, including:

(a) the number of ongoing staff, specifying:

(i) their classification,

(ii) the type of work they undertake, and

(iii) their location;

(b) the number of non-ongoing staff, specifying:

(i) their classification,

(ii) the type of work they undertake, and

(iii) their location; and

(c) the number of contracted staff, specifying:

(i) their classification,

(ii) the type of work they undertake, and

(iii) their location.

Senator Lundy: The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) (a) to (c) please refer to Attachment A for onshore offices and Attachment B for offshore offices.

(d) in answering this question DIAC has provided the total number of people that we have accommodated which includes staff and contractors. Please refer to Attachment C for onshore offices and Attachment D for offshore offices.

(e) please refer to Attachment A.

(f) The department does not own any office accommodation so there is no response for this part of the question.

(g) The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is a policy, program and service delivery agency. The department's services are delivered through offices in every state and territory and more than 60 countries.

The department's objectives are to:

contribute to Australia's future through managed migration.

protect refugees and contribute to humanitarian policy internationally.

contribute to Australia's security through border management and traveller facilitation.

make fair and reasonable decisions for people entering or leaving Australia, ensuring compliance with Australia's immigration laws and integrity in decision-making.

support migrants and refugees to settle in the community and participate in Australian society.

promote Australian citizenship and a multicultural Australia.

The services provided in Australia and overseas include:

policy analysis and research to develop a strong evidence base for advice in relation to the role of temporary and permanent migration and humanitarian entry, in responding to changes in Australia's social, economic and international environment.

granting visas for migrants, temporary entrants (for example, skilled workers), business visitors, students and tourists, including identifying prior to arrival those entitled to lawfully enter Australia.

managing the entry and departure of people crossing the Australian border.

authenticating the identity of people entering Australia and maintaining that foundation identity for use in the Australian community.

assessing the character, health and bona fides of people applying for entry to Australia.

meeting Australia's international protection obligations and contributing to the resettlement of refugees and those in humanitarian need through the delivery of the Humanitarian Program.

deterring, identifying and responding to breaches of immigration law.

applying appropriate sanctions to business sponsors who breach sponsorship undertakings and obligations.

locating unlawful non-citizens and resolving their immigration status.

identifying and reducing irregular migration, people smuggling and trafficking in persons.

increasing the ability of new permanent residents, particularly refugee and Special Humanitarian Program entrants and Family Stream migrants with lower levels of English proficiency, to participate in Australian life, through a settlement program including English language tuition and translating and interpreting services.

promoting the value of Australian citizenship.

deciding applications for Australian citizenship and making decisions on citizenship status.

promoting the benefits of a united and diverse society, including through programs supporting the integration of migrants and enhancing social cohesion.

(2) (a) please refer to Attachment E.

(b) please refer to Attachment E.

(c) please refer to Attachment E.

Responses for the Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal are at Attachment F.


* Attachments A to F are available from the Senate Table Office.