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Monday, 29 March 1999
Page: 3413

Senator STOTT DESPOJA (5:06 PM) —I acknowledge my mistake about the advisory panel. That is what I meant to refer to. I am curious about the idea that the AEC would not have a role in that education process. I wonder what that means. Does that mean that we would have a public education campaign along the same lines of, say, the government's promotional work on the Common Youth allowance or, dare I say it, the GST or the new tax system campaign? Are we looking at a $4.5 million taxpayer funded promotional campaign? My initial understanding, when you referred to a neutral education campaign, was that we would see booklets, explanatory information and advertisements on television. This, presumably, was to be organised or monitored in some way by the AEC. Clearly, that does not sound like it will be the case—that it will be signed off on by the advisory panel. Can you give me a sense of the promotional information, even if it is early stages? Are we looking at promotional campaigns that are comparable with other campaigns used to promote government policy or legislative change, for example?