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Monday, 29 March 1999
Page: 3413

Senator STOTT DESPOJA (5:02 PM) —I similarly have concerns about the preamble debate. I am not going to put them on record here because I did that at the second reading stage. I have a series of questions, through the chair, to the minister. I acknowledge that the Prime Minister has invited a number of community groups and of course members of parliament, including the leader of my party, Senator Meg Lees, to make comments and provide feedback to him about the preamble by 30 April. I am not suggesting for a moment that I think that is sufficient: I think it should be much broader. But on that issue, can the minister outline to the chamber what process will take place? Will we see a tabled report in the parliament which will look at the feedback that the Prime Minister received? Will he put a series of recommendations to the parliament? Will he indeed share with us at all the finding or the reports from that community feedback? Can we get some idea of what process will be pursued?