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Thursday, 9 July 1998
Page: 5379

Senator WOODLEY (4:49 PM) —I was not going to speak in this debate but I felt that perhaps I should. I would just say this: the experience in each state is different. If you have the New South Wales right running New South Wales, there are no problems. But if you have the experience that we have in Queensland, sometimes it is a little different, and I will not even say which particular government I am talking about. We believe that it is timely that these kinds of amendments are put in place because perceptions are important. We need to be able to counteract the perceptions in the community not simply by education or by trying to get the media, as was said, to report accurately, but in fact by taking legislative action which will demonstrate that we are fair dinkum about the whole issue of probity in the appointment of boards and in the subsequent decisions they make. I just add that to the debate and will leave it there.