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Thursday, 25 June 1998
Page: 4124

Senator BROWN (3:33 PM) —I seek leave to make a brief personal explanation as I claim to have been misrepresented.

Leave granted.

Senator BROWN —Earlier today Senator Abetz claimed that my defence in the matter of obstructing traffic on a road leading into the Tarkine Wilderness in Tasmania two years ago was funded—

Senator Calvert —There's no such place as the Tarkine Wilderness, and you know it.

Senator BROWN —He claimed that my defence was funded by tax deductible donations to the Tasmanian Conservation Trust. I was in the Tarkine protest against a destructive road being bulldozed through the heart of that wilderness—which Senator Calvert has just given recognition to—by the Labor and Liberal parties, or the Liberal government on this occasion, causing massive environmental problems for that beautiful wilderness which the Premier of Tasmania, in his former capacity as minister for forests, had eulogised for its mystique.

I was brought before the Burnie Magistrates Court and I was fined some $300 for peacefully obstructing the machinery moving in on that beautiful wilderness. However, I wish to put to rest the lie that Senator Abetz brought before this Senate for the second time. I will correct that by saying that I wish to put to rest the misinformation—


Senator BROWN —The misformation brought before this Senate for the second time. He knows what he is doing in his un- Christian fashion. I not only paid for my defence; I also paid the fine involved. I also spent two periods in gaol—11 days and five days; and I am proud to have done so—with the environmentalists who tried to stand up for a tiny piece of this planet being injured by the type of political philosophy that Senator Abetz peddles.