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Thursday, 25 June 1998
Page: 4091

Senator WOODLEY (1:36 PM) —I must say that the government makes it very difficult to be cooperative. Not only do we have to agree to substantial legislation being dealt with as non-controversial, but when we want to cooperate with the government we then discover that the order of business gets changed at the very last moment.

Senator Newman —At the request of the opposition, I have to say.

Senator WOODLEY —Let me then say that, if that is at the request of the opposition, again the Democrats were not advised of this. If you want cooperation, then let us have it, because I believe this is very important legislation. In order to underline the way in which we want to cooperate, as the minister knows I have a number of amendments I wish to move and to make sure that we do not delay the bill, because we do want to make sure it is carried, I would seek leave to incorporate these amendments in my second reading speech rather than moving them in toto.

Senator Forshaw —I don't know what they are.

Senator WOODLEY —Senator Forshaw, they have been circulated, I understand.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT —I understand that if Senator Woodley incorporates them they will not have any effect; they will only be indicative amendments.

Senator WOODLEY —I realise that. I am seeking to help the Senate, but if you want me to move them rather than incorporate them—