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Monday, 22 June 1998
Page: 3654

Senator MARGETTS (8:18 PM) —I move:

(13) Schedule 1, item 1, page 27 (after line 22), at the end of section 601HG, add:

In this section:

books includes financial records.

This amendment clears up any potential confusion as to what constitutes books, given that the government, the opposition and, in this case, the Democrats believe that once a year will be enough, and sometimes up to once in 15 months, for a scheme. This allows the auditor of the compliance plan access to original financial records as opposed to the mere recording of financial information on the books of the scheme. Why is this necessary? The auditor needs access to the original financial records in order to be thorough.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —Senator Margetts, I think there is a question of clarification from the parliamentary secretary.