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Thursday, 28 May 1998
Page: 3381

Senator IAN MACDONALD (3:20 PM) —That diatribe comes from a member of a party which in Queensland at the present time is seeking the support of the One Nation Party to make sure that Labor candidates are elected in place of coalition candidates. That is what that is all about. The Labor Party and Mr Beattie in Queensland are actively seeking the support of One Nation to make sure that coalition candidates are defeated. And I do not hear any comment from anyone because they know that that is true.

That diatribe comes also from a member of a party whose leader, Mr Beazley, gave preferences in the last federal election to a member of the anti-immigration party in preference to a Liberal candidate. Where is the comment now? Where is the outrage? Where is Senator Faulkner now? Are you going to condemn Mr Beazley for giving his preferences to the anti-immigration party? There is a deathly silence from the Labor Party now.

Senator Cook —Nonsense! Rubbish!

Senator IAN MACDONALD —You know, Senator Cook, because it happened in Western Australia in the seat of Brand. Those preferences were given by your leader, Kim Beazley.

Senator Cook —Rubbish!

Senator IAN MACDONALD —You say `rubbish'; you say that is not true. Could I table them? You will allow me to incorporate in Hansard Mr Beazley's how to vote card which shows Beazley No. 1, some person called Rebe who is AFI, which stands for Australians against Further Immigration, as No. 6 and the Liberal candidate Mr Hearne as No. 8? If you say I am making that up, Senator Cook, let me table this; let me in corporate it. Can I go on to the electorate of Lindsay where the excellent Liberal candidate Miss Jackie Kelly had to recontest. Where did the Labor Party, this principled party that we heard so much about just then, put their preferences? Did they put the anti-immigration party last? Did they do that? On what they are accusing us of not doing, how did they go? They gave their preferences firstly to Mr Townsend from the anti-immigration party, the Australians against Further Immigration, well in front of the Liberal candidate.

Where is the outrage now? It just shows this hypocrisy. This diatribe previously and what is to follow me next are from members of a party in which they can buy their seats in the parliament for $5,000, according to Graham Richardson. I would not say that but Graham Richardson, the Leader of the Right in New South Wales, has indicated this. I do know that in my own area of Townsville there are currently two Labor Party people—one, an elected Labor Party councillor and another an endorsed Labor Party candidate—before the court on charges of fraudulently executing claim forms in the election. There are two people charged on 54 and 36 complaints respectively on these particular things. I do not say they are guilty but they have been charged.

Mr Beattie, as Senator Hill pointed out, was in charge of the Labor Party in Queensland and was the general secretary when all of this was going on. People have been signed up when they did not even know. People who live at a particular address did not even they were members of the Labor Party because someone was forging their signatures on an electoral claim form. Senator Faulkner has the gall to get up and accuse other parties of this sort of thing. This sort of fraudulent behaviour where the Labor Party puts the Australians against Further Immigration candidates in front of Liberal candidates just shows the hypocrisy and the depths to which the Australian Labor Party have sunk.