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Thursday, 12 March 1998
Page: 992

Question resolved in the affirmative on the following orders of the day without further debate during consideration of government documents.

National Residue Survey—Report for 1996-97

Telstra Corporation Limited—Report for 1996-97

Australian Hearing Services—Report for 1996-97

Australian Institute of Family Studies—Report for 1996-97

Australian Securities Commission—Report for 1996-97

Health Insurance Commission—Report for 1996-97

Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security—Report for 1996-97

Dairy Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1996-97

Australian Maritime Safety Authority—Report for 1996-97

Murray-Darling Basin Commission—Report for 1996-97

Rural Adjustment Scheme Advisory Council—Reports, including a report on the Rural Adjustment Scheme—1996-97

National Board of Employment, Education and Training—Australian Research Council—Report, including the Board's comments—Reviews of grants outcomes—Atmospheric and oceanographic sciences 1989-1993 (Report No. 22)

Department of Health and Family Services—Reports for 1996-97 including reports on the administration and operation of the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service, the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Australian Government Health Service

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)—Report for 1996-97

Aboriginals Benefit Trust Account—Report for 1996-97

Private Health Insurance Complaints Commissioner—Report for 1996-97

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare—Report for 1996-97

National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals—Report for 1996-97

Airservices Australia—Report for 1996-97

Indigenous Land Corporation—Report for 1996-97

Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1996-97

Aboriginal Hostels Limited—Report for 1996-97

International Air Services Commission—Report for 1996-97

Australian Pig Industry Council—Report for 1996-97

National Native Title Tribunal—Report for 1996-97—Addendum

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation—Report for 1996-97

Consideration of motion to take note of the following government documents adjourned without debate.

National Museum of Australia—Report for 1996-97

Department of Communications and the Arts—Report for 1996-97

National Gallery of Australia—Report for 1996-97.

Treaties—Text together with national interest analysis—Bilateral —Agreement between the Government of Australia and the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization in relation to the functioning of the Australian Patent Office as an International Searching Authority and International Preliminary Examining Authority under the Patent Cooperation Treaty of June 1970.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies—Report for 1996-97

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission—Report for 1996-97

National Film and Sound Archive—Report for 1996-97

Australian Film Finance Corporation Limited—Report for 1996-97

Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation—Report for 1996-97

Australian Film Commission—Report for 1996-97

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation—Report for 1996-97

Pig Research and Development Corporation and Pig Research and Development Corporation Selection Committee—Reports for 1996-97

Australian Pork Corporation—Report for 1996-97

Australian Archives and Advisory Council on Australian Archives—Reports for 1996-97

Australian Film, Television and Radio School—Report for 1996-97

Australian Industrial Relations Commission and Australian Industrial Registry—Reports for 1996-97

National Occupational Health and Safety Commission—Report for 1996-97

Affirmative Action Agency—Report for 1 June 1996 to 31 May 1997

Remuneration Tribunal—Report for 1996-97

ADI Limited—Report for 1996-97

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority—Report for 1996-97

Department of Primary Industries and Energy—Report for 1996-97.

Australian Safeguards Office and the Chemical Weapons Convention Office—Report for 1996-97

Genetic Manipulation Advisory Committee—Report for 1996-97

Department of Transport and Regional Development—Report for 1996-97

Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation—Report for 1996-97

Meat Research Corporation—Report for 1996-97

Department of Social Security—Report for 1996-97.

Australian Federal Police—Report for 1996-97, including a report pursuant to the Complaints (Australian Federal Police) Act 1981 .

Australian Science, Technology and Engineering Council—Report for 1996-97.

Employment Advocate—Report for the period 2 January to 30 June 1997.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission—Report for 1996-97.

ANL Limited—Report for 1996-97.

Australian War Memorial—Report for 1996-97.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation—Report for 1996-97.

Australian Heritage Commission—Report for 1996-97.

Wet Tropics Management Authority—Report for 1996-97.

Defence—Report for 1996-97.

Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal—Report for 1996-97.

Defence Housing Authority—Report for 1996-97.

Australian Institute of Marine Science—Report for 1996-97.

National Competition Council—Report for 1996-97.

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Act—Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research—Report for 1996-97.

Industrial Relations Court of Australia—Report for 1996-97.

Australian Political Exchange Council—Report for 1996-97.

Privacy Commissioner—Report for 1996-97 on the operation of the Act.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Pricing Authority—Report for 1996-97

Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand—Record and resolutions—11th meeting, Darwin, 8 August 1997

Cotton Research and Development Corporation and Cotton Research and Development Corporation Selection Committee—Reports for 1996-97.

Sugar Research and Development Corporation and Sugar Research and Development Corporation Selection Committee—Reports for 1996-97.

National Environment Protection Council and NEPC Service Corporation—Reports for 1996-97.

Nursing Home Standards Review Panels—Reports for 1996-97.

Anti-Dumping Authority—Report for 1996-97.

Landcare Australia Limited—Report for 1996-97.

International Monetary Agreements Act and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (General Capital Increase) Act—Australia and the World Bank—Report for 1996-97.

International Monetary Agreements Act—Australia and the IMF—Report for 1 May 1996 to 30 April 1997.