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Wednesday, 21 September 1994
Page: 1030

To the Honourable the President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

  The petition of the undersigned shows that:

1.The UHF line-of-sight transmission is not suited to Tasmania's mountainous terrain.

2.It is unjust that compulsory UHF has resulted in poorer reception for many Tasmanians and that those living in weak "pockets" have outlaid of up to $450 in order to receive the signal.

3.It is unjust that many low-income Tasmanians and pensioners do not have the means to outlay hundreds of dollars so they can view their own television sets.

4.Compulsory UHF has resulted in some Tasmanians being denied a signal.

  Your petitioners ask that the Senate, in Parliament assembled:

  Call on the Government to:

(a)honour its commitment to ensure that first class television reception is delivered to all the residents of Tasmania by providing additional funding for the urgent implementation of the necessary number of transmitters.

(b)provide all Tasmanians with access to their own national broadcasters, the ABC and the SBS.