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Tuesday, 20 September 1994
Page: 1020

(Question No. 1576)

Senator Calvert asked the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 22 July 1994:

  (1) What type of market research was undertaken for the PERS, HQADF, Defence Force Recruiting Branch, by AMR Quantum at three costs of $11 541, $49 500 and $72 250.

  (2) How will this market research assist the Department.

  (3) How will this market research be used.

  (4) Over what period of time was this market research undertaken.

  (5) What other market research has been undertaken by this branch in the past 2 financial years.

  (6) What is the breakdown in costs of this market research.

  (7) How has it been of assistance to the department.

Senator Robert Ray —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  (1) The three specific amounts were expended as follows:

  $11 541 was expended on research evaluating the advertising proposals of the three final contenders for the Army advertising agreement which was due for renewal in mid-1994;

  $49 500 was expended on qualitative research by utilising discussion groups and interviewing selected sample numbers from the public for Army recruitment advertising tracking; and

  $72 500 was expended on qualitative research for tracking tri-Service, Navy and Air Force advertising in general and for the Australian Defence Force Academy.

  (2) The market research has provided qualitative, attitudinal data and has allowed Defence Force Recruiting to review and refine its advertising strategy to achieve maximum value for money expended.

  (3) The market research is used by Defence Force Recruiting Branch and the advertising agencies with which it works to refine the advertising messages to better target the principal target audience for the Australian Defence Force (ie 18-24 year olds).

  (4) The specific research in question was conducted between March and June 1994.

  (5) Extensive market research has been conducted over the previous two years by Defence Force Recruiting Branch. The requested information is contained in an attached table.

  (6) The costs for market research are contained in the table provided for (5).

  (7) Market research is integral to the Defence Force Recruiting advertising function. It has allowed advertisements to be reviewed, advertising strategies to be refined and the engaged advertising agencies to develop different advertisements to better communicate with the primary target audience. The outcome is more effective advertising for the funds available.

Market Research conducted for Defence Force Recruiting

Branch Between Jul 92 and Jul 94


28 Jul 92—30 Sep 92 Wunderman $48,000

Direct Marketing research and data base feasibility

study, National Electronic Technician survey and

Schools survey.

Apr 92—Oct 92 Frank Smalls and Associates $9,700

Contribution to Community Awareness and Attitudes

to the ADF and Defence Strategy Survey conducted

with the Director General of Public Information.

Nov 92 Wunderman $9,100

Media tracking and form letter rewrite for inclusion

on the Recruit computer system.

Dec 92 AMR: Quantum $75,000

Tri-Service, Navy and Air Force Agency review

survey; assessment of competing agencies creative

treatment for Defence recruitment advertising.

Feb 93 Wunderman $26,762

Continuation of media tracking and community

response for Tri-Service, Navy and Air Force—

applicability of direct mailing strategies

Mar 93 AMR: Quantum $19,274

Campaign tracking and research into Medical and

Electronic Engineering recruitment to the Defence


Apr 93 REARC $78,000

National Climate survey researching key recruiting

functions and processes to determine best method

of customer service and communication.

May 93 Wunderman $10,059

Schools data base and feasibility survey,

continuation of Direct marketing and Schools

package development.

Nov 93 AMR: Quantum $13,000

Ready Reserve campaign tracking and research.

Mar 94—May 94 AMR Quantum $11,541

Army pitch advertising research/evaluation.

Mar 94—May 94 AMR Quantum $49,500

Army advertising tracking for ADFA and technical

trades advertising.

Mar 94—Jun 94 AMR: Quantum $72,500

Tri-Service Navy and Air Force tracking survey and

community attitude to ADFA research.