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Monday, 19 September 1994
Page: 923

Senator PANIZZA (6.00 p.m.) —I rise very briefly to support my colleague Senator Tambling on the Grain Legumes Levy Amendment Bill 1994 and the other two bills under consideration. I question the explanatory memoranda describing triticale as a coarse grain; but we will debate that another time.

Senator Collins —Not this afternoon!

Senator PANIZZA —Not this afternoon. Some time ago I claimed to be one of the first triticale growers in Western Australia.

  I also welcome the move to change the leviable rate on all of these things to ad valorem. I believe that that should always be the case, and the Minister for Primary Industries and Energy (Senator Collins) may remember that I argued that very strongly in debate on the horticultural bill.

Senator Collins —I do.

Senator PANIZZA —The minister remembers that because I still believe that the proposed levy on deemed income is the wrong way to go and the time will come when this will apply to horticulture.

  Senator Tambling and Senator Woodley referred to the commercial use of oilseed and other farm products liable to the levy. As I have done in the past, I would question—although I do not have a good solution yet—how the government will enforce this. It is all very well for the government to argue, as it did in debate on the horticultural bill, that the levy will be gathered on that basis. As I said in debate on the horticultural bill, how will the government police it? I would certainly like to know how the government will police it with these sorts of grains which are classed as everything commercial used on the farm. I do not see much use for barley on a farm that is not commercial, unless it is used to make the odd plate of soup for the table. Perhaps the minister could give me an answer on that if he has time this afternoon, otherwise I support the bill and look to the day that all farm produce levies are raised on the ad valorem rate.