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Monday, 19 September 1994
Page: 915

  Consideration resumed from 1 September of House of Representatives message.

  House of Representatives message—

  The House of Representatives acquaints the Senate of the following resolution which was agreed to by the House of Representatives on 31 August 1994 and requests the concurrence of the Senate therein and that it take action accordingly:

That the following general principles upon which there should be determined the days upon which, and the periods during which, the proceedings of the Senate and the House of Representatives shall be broadcast, as specified by the Joint Committee on the Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings in its report dated May 1994, be adopted with effect from 5 September 1994 in place of the general principles previously adopted by both Houses:


  1.Days upon which proceedings shall be broadcast and their allocation between the Senate and the House of Representatives.

  The proceedings of Parliament shall be broadcast on each day on which either House is sitting. While there will be a usual allocation of broadcasts between the Senate and the House of Representatives, the Joint Committee on the Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings or its Sub-Committee shall take into account the importance of the impending debate and the public interest attaching thereto in deciding on the allocation. It is anticipated that, over time, the coverage of each House will be approximately equal.

  2.Rebroadcast of questions and answers.

    (a)The following Parliamentary Proceedings shall be rebroadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at the conclusion of the broadcast of live proceedings from either House unless otherwise ordered by the Committee:

Senate proceedings—Questions without notice and answers thereto;

      House of Representatives proceedings—Questions without notice and answers thereto;

  (b)The rebroadcast shall be of the House that is not allocated the broadcast;

  (c)When a member makes a personal explanation in rebuttal of misrepresentation contained in a question asked that day or an answer thereto, the question and answer shall, subject to the next succeeding sub-paragraph, be excluded from the rebroadcast; and

  (d)The Presiding Officer may, in his or her discretion, refer any case to the Joint Committee for decision as to whether such a question and answer shall be excluded from the rebroadcast.

  3.The general principles specified here and adopted by both Houses shall be observed generally by the Joint Committee in making determinations in accordance with the Parliamentary Proceedings Broadcasting Act 1946, but nothing in those general principles shall be taken to prevent the Joint Committee from departing from those general principles in order to meet any unusual or special circumstances.

  Motion (by Senator McMullan) agreed to:

  That the Senate concurs with the resolution of the House of Representatives as contained in message No. 343 with the following modification:

  Lines 6 and 7 of the resolution, omit "5 September 1994", substitute "10 October 1994".

  Resolution, as amended, reported; report adopted.