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Wednesday, 31 August 1994
Page: 734

Senator PANIZZA (7.09 p.m.) —Senator Bourne and Senator Kernot sought leave to table certain documents. The first document was tabled as speakers were changing over and the second document was tabled as I was seeking advice from the clerk and we have not seen it. If it is still possible, Mr President, we will not grant leave. I believe that the Australian Democrats should stick to the convention in here.

Senator Kernot —They did, Senator.

Senator PANIZZA —Are you calling me a liar? What are you calling me?

The PRESIDENT —Order! Do not let us get—

Senator PANIZZA —Mr President, the convention in here is that important documents that are sought to be tabled have to be cleared by our relevant shadow ministers. That is why I am not, if it is still possible—

Senator Collins —Since when?

Senator PANIZZA —That is our rule, and I am not giving leave.

Senator Bourne —I raise a point of order. I showed the documents that I sought to table first of all to the minister, then to the shadow minister, then to the minister on duty in the chamber and to the whip on duty in the chamber—who was not Senator Panizza at the time. It was all cleared. I would really appreciate it if Senator Panizza did not get up and accuse me of doing this when, in fact, he does not know what the facts are. It was all done according to what I have always done in the past.

Senator Kemp —On the point of order: I think I can help here. I say to Senator Panizza that I hope I have not transgressed any particular ruling. Papers were shown to me by the whip who was in the chamber at the time. I looked at those papers and I did not see any reason why they should not be tabled. When the issue was raised and I was asked whether the documents should be tabled, I said, yes, that I was happy for them to be tabled.

The PRESIDENT —Thank you, Senator Kemp, for that constructive contribution.