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Wednesday, 31 August 1994
Page: 651

Senator MARGETTS (12.28 p.m.) —I thank the parliamentary secretary once again. I was never referring to one grower; I was referring to one state. I know we are just one, but we are there. I made the point last night that the industry is not opposed to a levy. The industry in Western Australia is being forced to pay to be part of an organisation. The culpability of the government is in not making sure that the organisation is currently representing the growers' interests efficiently. If this is the main negotiating body, the government has put Western Australia in a very difficult—if not an impossible position. I was not talking about a single grower; I was talking about the concerns of an industry which is not opposed to levies. The industry is suggesting that, if a national organisation is currently not giving it value for the levy, the whole problem lies in the way it is represented. The problem also lies in the response of the government in not recognising sufficiently the current national organisation's inability to cope with differences between regions.