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Monday, 29 August 1994
Page: 523

Senator COLLINS (Minister for Primary Industries and Energy) (7.01 p.m.) —As I have said, it is simply a value judgment. I understand the point that Senator Spindler is making, but the government has made this decision in light of the budgetary restrictions that apply to this, as is the case with any other government measure. I do not see much point in going around the track again. Because this is a budget measure, the government has made a judgment—which is different from Senator Spindler's—that five grants is more appropriate, and indeed generous, than eight. For those reasons, we will not support the Democrats' opposition to clauses 6 and 7. We can stand here for the rest of the day and debate it, but that is the position as I have explained it. The government will not be accepting the Democrats' opposition to the clauses, and neither will the opposition, as I understand it.