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Wednesday, 24 August 1994
Page: 295

(Question No. 1496)

Senator Bell asked the Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, upon notice, on 27 June 1994:

  (1) What `stakeholders' are being involved in discussions with the National Registration Authority (NRA) in relation to the development of the promised adverse chemical reaction register.

  (2) Is the Australian Chemical Alliance or the Public Interest Advocacy Centre considered to be a `stakeholder'; if not, what defines a `stakeholder'.

  (3) What is the purpose of the proposed register.

  (4) Does the NRA maintain an interest in matters referred to the National Injury Surveillance Unit or Worksafe Australia that result from chemicals; if not, why not.

Senator Collins —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  (1) The NRA has advised that stakeholders whose views have been or will be sought include the agricultural and veterinary chemical industry, consumers, public interest and environmental groups, the rural sector, unions and professional societies.

  (2) Yes.

  (3) To provide a national reporting facility for all reports on adverse reactions to agricultural and veterinary chemicals so that trends, issues, etc can be identified and appropriate action taken.

  (4) The NRA is aware of the work of the National Injury Surveillance Unit (NISU) and Worksafe Australia. Whilst elements of their work are of interest to the NRA, their databases were not designed with the NRA in mind, thus information from the databases are currently of limited use to the NRA. However, developments which have the potential to improve the utility of NISU information are in progress.

  These will be strengthened as part of implementing the suspected adverse chemical reaction register.